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FavCode54 is a non-profit initiative that aims to Teach ● Mentor ● Build the next generation of African Software Developers


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Our mentors have worked with Facebook, Google, etc. They’ll give you the tools and resources you need to excel in the ever evolving tech world.

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Being in partnership with top software companies, we operate with licensed softwares and own the right to reuse.

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Our Internship offers you a chance to scale up your software dev skills with opportunities to work on real projects

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To train 100,000 youths in 5 years and connect them with technology firms that will utilize their newly acquired skills and innovative mindset in Africa.

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FavCode does not require you to know programming or have a degree. We make you into the genius that tech companies are looking for

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Popular courses

AI - IBM Watson

Chatbots are one of the most exciting and in-demand topics in tech

Frontend Dev

Dive In To The Core Of Front-End Design

User Experience

Deep Dive Into User interface/Experience Design

Digital Marketing

All You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

Backend Dev

Complete Guide Into Programming Back-End apps


Blockchain is an emerging technology that can radically

FavCode's Mision

We have a mission to develop the African continent by making technology accessible to everyone. We teach, we mentor, we develop! Tech’s taking over Africa. It’s a revolution.